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Our commitment at Safe Living Technologies is to help people live safely within today’s technology. Our first goal is education: allow people to understand their environment and its effects on their health.

Today’s technology may be very harmful. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is composed of three components: Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. They are invisible yet exist everywhere. They have negative effects on our health and we need to reduce our exposure to them.

Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency waves are separate environmental influences which Safe Living Technologies assesses individually. We will evaluate residential and commercial spaces. Our findings will allow clients to make informed decisions.

Safe Living Technologies will provide solutions through information, technology and products to ensure a healthier environment.

Exposure to EMF and RF radiation may cause Neurological, Cardiac, Dermatological, Ophthalmologic and other serious conditions. Click for details.

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