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Dual Function Gauss Meter / Tesla Meter and Electric Field Detector


·         Electromagnetic Fields consist of Magnetic Fields “M” and Electric Fields “E”

·         AC Magnetic Fields “M” and AC Electric Fields “E” exist in all environments that use electricity. Reducing long term exposure to these fields is recommended. With the eME3851A both fields can be thoroughly investigated

·         Detects Electromagnetic Fields from Electrical Wiring, High Voltage Power Lines, Transformers, Appliances, Computers, Electronic Devices and more in the frequency range 5Hz to 100KHz

·         Provides precise measurement of AC Magnetic and AC Electric Fields according to internationally recognized Swedish guidelines (TCO/MRP)

·         Single axis measuring indicates the true magnetic field peak and helps with source location, rotating the meter is necessary to analyze all emissions

·         Has 4 frequency ranges with internal frequency filters for source isolation

·         Measures Magnetic Field in nanoTesla - nT (1 mG =100nT) - max 20mG

·         Measures Electric Fields in Volts/meter V/m - max 2000 V/m

·         Custom protective carrying case included & 2 year manufacturers warranty



Magnetic Field “M” less than 20nT

Exposure Guidelines

Electric Field “E” less than 1 V/m
Technical Data    
Magnetic Field Range:   Fine-200nanoTessla (2milliGauss) – Res - 0.1nT (0.001mG)
    Coarse-2000nanoTessla (20milliGauss) – Res 1nT (0.01mG)
Electric Field Range:   Fine-200 Volts/meter – Resolution 0.1V/m
    Coarse-2000 Volts/meter – Resolution 1V/m
Frequency Ranges:   5Hz-100KHz / 16.7 Hz / 50Hz-100KHz / 2KHz-100KHz
Accuracy:   +/- 2% @ 50hz, 20 degrees Celsius, 45% relative Humidity
Linearity Deviation:   Fine-200 nT +/- 0.3nT // 200V/m +/- 0.2 V/m
    Coarse-2000 nT +/- 3nT // 2000V/m +/- 2V/m
Offset:   Fine-200 nT +/- 0.4nT // 200V/m +/- 0.4 V/m
    Coarse-2000 nT +/- 4nT // 2000V/m +/- 4V/m
Frequency Response:   Flat Frequency Response from 5Hz to 100KHz at -1db
Display:   3.5 inch Digital LCD – field type indicator
Dimensions:   74x122x31 mm (WxLxH) approx 3x4-3/4x1.25 inches
Weight:   196 grams
Material of Case:   FR4
Power Supply:   9 Volt rechargeable battery (NIMH) -12VDC adapter center +
Operating Time:   8 hours according to the mode of operation with rechargeable batteries
    Up to 24 hours with alkaline
Tone:   Audio signal proportional to field strength
Battery Low:   Battery low indicator, meter will auto-power off after 3 mins
Auto Power Off:   Auto power-off after 40 min of continuous use
AC Output:   Frequency Analysis – oscilloscopes / spectrum analyzers
DC Output:   Data logging output – 0.5 mV DC per digit
Manual:   eME3851A-manual
Typical Frequency Response Curve

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