eDG20 High Frequency Attenuator

Price: $80.00 CAD


High Frequency attenuator with a signal reduction of 20 dB in the frequency range of 10 MHz - 3000 MHz. For attenuation of field strength above the upper limit of the HF-Analyzer.  Attenuator 20dB with DC-Passthrough.  This attenuator increases the upper field strength measurement range of the HF-Analyzers by a factor of 100 i.e.(Decreases the signal strength 100 times). If the measurement range is set to maximum and the display indicates ("1..."), this attenuator will allow the HF-Analyzer to accurately display the higher signal strength. It is compatible with the following HF Analyzers: eHF32D, eHF35C and eHF58B (here incl.). This attenuator is recommended to be
used on the least sensitive measurement range.


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