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RDF 63 is a special high frequency metallic shielding foil specifically designed to reflect analogue and pulsed digital signals from sources such as Microwave, Wi-Fi, and cell phone towers. It has a medium dark coloured tint with good light transmission and good shielding qualities. It is self adhesive and is predominantly used to shield glass surfaces and windows. The foil is UV resistant and easy to install.


·         Designed for shielding of high frequency electromagnetic waves in large areas


·         Good light transmission


·         Good shielding qualities


·         Ideal for retrofit of windows and glass surfaces


·         Exclusive for indoor residential and office applications


RDF 63 cannot and must not be grounded.


Please refer to our instruction sheet for proper installation.


RDF foil must not be used on cars!

Technical Data    
Width:   152 cm (59.8 inches)
Metallization:   Noble metal
Shielding Property:   21 - 19 dB (99.0%) at 200 MHz to 10 GHz
Thickness:   37.5 mm ( micro meter )
Application:   Indoor residential and office, for glass, self adhesive
Light Transmission:   53 %  excellent transparancy
Delivery Form:   Cut goods

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